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Title: Symposium: "Inter-American Relations in an Age of Unilateralism..."
Date: Tue. Oct 05, 2004
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Description: Symposium: "Inter-American Relations in an Age of Unilateralism - an international symposium with invited scholars from the Americas" Our interest is to exchange research and reflections conducitve to a critical understanding of the phenomenon under study. This is the third symposium in a series of gatherings focusing on this subject, the first was in 2002 in Havana, the second in 2003 in SaoPaulo, Brazil. Sponsored by Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Contact Drs. Jorge Nef or Harry Vanden AGENDA 9:00-10:45 4) Panel: Globalization in the Americas Moderator: Ward Stavig, USF, History Department Speakers: Dr. Martin Needler, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, U.S. Latin American Policy in a Global context Dr. Carlos Vilas, Argentinean Institute for Economic Development, Is there any room for Latin America in U.S. Foreign Policy? Commentator: Dr. Mark Amen, USF, Globalization Center 11:00-12:30 5) Panel: Economics and business in the globalized Americas Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Harris, USF, Globalization Research Center Speakers: Dr. Gary Prevost, St. John University, MN, Contesting Free Trade the Development of the Anti-FTAA Movement Dr. Gaspare Genna, USF, Government and International Affairs, Brazilian Regional Power in the Development of Mercosul Commentator: Dr. Mara Crummett, USF, Center for International Business 12:45-1:50 Lunch break 2:00-3:30 6) Panel: The local impact of, and responses to, the various patterns of inter-American relations Moderator: Dr. Carlos Zalaquett, USF, Education Department Speakers: ` Dr. Richard Harris, California State University, Popular Resistance and Emerging Alternatives to Neoliberalism and Globalization in Latin America Dr. Damian Fernandez, Florida International University, Passion, Affection, Dollars: Towards Havana-Mia Commentator: Dr. Michael Miller, USF, Government and International Affairs 3:45-5:00 7) Roundtable discussion: Hemispheric and local-regional relations under unilateralism - Open discussions for presenters, moderators, commentators, and students. Moderator: Rob Alvaro, USF, Graduate Student Commentators: Dr. Jorge Nef, USF, LACS and Dr. Harry Vanden, USF, Government and International Affairs - - - For more information, visit the IAC Website at
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