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Date: Sun. Nov 14, 2004
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Description: India is a land of festivals. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with fervor and gaiety. The festival is celebrated by young and old, rich and poor, throughout the country to dispel darkness and light up their lives. The festival symbolizes unity in diversity as every state celebrates it in its own special way. The history of Diwali, or to put it correctly, Deepavali, is replete with legends. And these legends are moored to the stories of Hindu religious scriptures, mostly the Purana(s). Though the central theme of all legends point out to the classic truth of the victory of the good over the evils, the mode of their presentation and the characters differ. Likewise the religion itself, the origin of Deepavali is dated back to a period when history was probably not used to be written. Still by some mystery the traditions of this epical celebration continue to be transpired from one century to another. And during this relentless course of journey it has continued to illuminate the path of thousands to attain the ultimate good and complete ecstasy. More information about Diwali festival: STUDENTS OF INDIA ASSOCIATION is celebrating the DIWALI - FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on Nov 14th Sunday from 6:00pm and a nice Indian dinner follows, at SPECIAL EVENTS CENTER. For more information, visit the IAC Website at
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