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Title: Globalization-What is it and How does it benefit you?
Date: Tue. Nov 23, 2004
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Description: This is an introduction to globalization and its impact on daily life. The presentation examines the importance of globalization through humorous skits and video interviews while explaining globalization through brief lectures and discussion. The purpose of the class is to teach students about an issue and the for the the students to jointly contribute some sort of work on the topic. Our class has decided to organize and present a program to the USF community to explain what globalization is, the importance of globalization, and issues related to globalization. - - - For more information, visit the IAC Website at
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Lecture by Antonio Eligio Fernandez “Tonel”
Fri. Jan 12
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HSK and HSKK - Chinese Proficiency Tests for Adults
Sun. Feb 11
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2018 Chinese New Year Celebration
Sat. Feb 17
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YCT - Youth Chinese Test for K-12 students (Spring 2018)
Sat. Mar 24
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