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Title: Swimming with Amphoras: What Transport Containers Tell us About the Kyrenia Ship
Date: Thu. Sep 19, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join the Archaeological Institute of America Tampa Bay Society and the Ancient Studies Center at USF as keynote Susan Katzev, world famous archaeologist, shares her experience conducting the world’s first “complete” excavation of an ancient shipwreck. After excavating the ship, Katzev reconstructed the timbers (after their preservation) to design a replica of the ship and is now filling the replica with copies of the cargo and sailing the vessel. Evidence suggests the ship carried 378 amphoras (ceramic storage vases), a large cargo for a small merchant ship. The project not only taught archaeologists more about methods of constructing, stoppering and loading amphoras for shipment, it led to explanations about peculiar details of the ship’s design. Susan will speak about what she’s learned from the amphora cargo and discuss how her research has impacted traditional thinking.

Location: C.W. Bill Young Hall, CWY 109
Contact: USF Department of History
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 813-974-2807
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