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Title: Education Abroad Information Session: The Holocaust: Historical and Sociological Perspectives
Date: Tue. Oct 21, 2014
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Attend “The Holocaust: Historical and Sociological Perspectives” summer 2015 information session to learn how you can travel to Germany and Poland and spend the summer examining the attempts to exterminate all Jews in Europe during World War II.  In Berlin, students will visit the historical Jewish quarter, the Jewish Museum, Wansee Villa where the Final Solution meetings were held, the Holocaust Memorial and the Sachesenhausen Concentration Camp.  In Warsaw, students will visit the Warsaw Ghetto Museum as the Warsaw Ghetto uprising was one of the most significant resistance events of the Holocaust.  From Warsaw, there will be day trips to the Treblinka and Majdanek Extermination Camps.  In Krakow, students will visit the Jewish community of Kaziemierez in Poland.  Students will also visit the museum of the factory run by Schindler (made famous by the film Schindler’s List).  A day trip to Auschwitz-Birkeneau ( will be the final concentration camp the group will visit.  An interdisciplinary analysis of understanding these events will be constructed of touring memorials and museums, sociologically-informed histories, witness testimony, eyewitness accounts, literature, photography and film.


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Location: Marshall Student Center - MSC 3301
Contact: Masai Shakong
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 813-974-9024
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