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Title: The Ukraine Crisis: Through the Eyes of the International Mass Media (Round Table)
Date: Wed. Nov 19, 2014
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

The round table is the presentation of the results of the semester-long research conducted by four student groups. Each group is responsible for researching and analyzing the media coverage of the on-going Ukrainian crisis in one of the following countries/area: the USA, the EU, Ukraine, and Russia.

The scope of the research will include all the major news sources; reports and other documents issued by the governmental and non-governmental organizations; and speeches made by the state officials. The ultimate goal is to develop and present an overview of the media coverage and the official position of each state/union. It seems that in our information age there is no place for multiple (even diametrically opposed) explanations of the same event. Nevertheless, it does happen and the Ukrainian crisis is the perfect example. Interpretation of events differs from country to country.

Location: CWY 107
Contact: Ksenia Kulakova
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