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Title: ISLAC Lecture Series: "Getting Too Close:The Volcanic Eruption of Mt. Tungurahua"
Date: Thu. Mar 22, 2007
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Description: Linda M. Whiteford, Ph.D., Professor,Department of Anthropology and Graham Tobin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Geography These two co-presenters have been studying the Tungurahua volcano in the Andes of Ecuador for the last six years. During that time, they had three separate studies funded to research evacuation and resettlement policies and practices, individuals return to chronic and on-going exposures to hazard situations, and the health and economic consequences of living in heavy ash-fall areas. But nothing prepared them for the real-time experience of being caught in Tungurahuas 2006 eruption with pyroclastic flow, lahars, and lava. This presentation focuses on that eruption and the economic, political,and personal responses to it.
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