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Title: Diplomat in Residence Hilarion "Lari" Martinez: Oral Assessment Prep Session
Date: Fri. Feb 26, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Description: The Oral Assessment is one of the major steps to becoming a Foreign Service Officer. An Oral Assessment Review Session is being held for FREE for University of Miami interested students and alumni. It is hosted by the UM School of Law Office of Career Services. The Oral Assessment itself is a daylong program that seeks to determine whether the candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are essential to the performance of Foreign Service work. It includes a group exercise, a structured interview, and a case management writing exercise. Oral Assessment exercises are based on a job analysis of the work of the Foreign Service and reflect the skills, abilities and personal qualities deemed essential to the performance of that work. It is not an adversarial process: the candidate does not compete against other candidates but instead is judged on his/her capacity to demonstrate the skills and abilities necessary to be an effective Foreign Service Officer. The session is co-sponsored by the Career Center and the College of Business. For additional information on student programs and careers visit: and Facebook page:
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