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Title: Study Abroad in India over Winter Break-Information Session
Date: Wed. Oct 27, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Description: Urban-Rural Contrasts in India: Religion, Economy, and Globalization Dec. 26, 2010 - Jan 8, 2011
An invitation to join Dr. Pratyusha Basu of the Department of Geography and Dr. Carlos Lopez of the Department of Religious Studies in a program of travel and study through India. This course provides two weeks of intensive engagement with the diversity of urban and rural life in India. While India is one of the centers of the global information technology industry, a majority of its population lives in rural settings and continues to depend directly on agriculture for its livelihood. Thus, India provides an especially appropriate location to explore the diversities that comprise contemporary globalization. India serves as an excellent case study to examine the co-existence of metropolitan, urban and rural landscapes, as well as, traditional, cultural, religious and socio-economic systems. As a result of the ongoing process and progress of the globalization of the world economy, the juxtaposition of cultural and religious life provides an important lens through which to examine the effects and estimate the consequences of globalization.
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