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Spend an unforgettable summer in England at the University of Cambridge and earn academic credit at the same time on your Florida college transcript. The Florida Consortium of Colleges and Universities for Cambridge Summer Schools invites you to participate in this stimulating summer school program. If you are a regularly enrolled student in participating Florida colleges (2 year colleges, 4 year colleges, universities, public or private) and are at least 18, you are eligible for this summer school opportunity offered in Great Britain. This program is also open to students enrolled at other American colleges and universities who wish to study at the University of Cambridge and earn transferable academic credit through the University of South Florida.

  • Receive up to 9 hours credit.
  • Live and eat in Cambridge college.
  • Take classes taught by Cambridge faculty.
  • Pay in-state instructional fees.
  • Explore your heritage. 
  • Live a new culture. 
  • Widen your horizons. 
  • Add to your resume. 
  • Explore international friendships.
  • Impress a recruiter or employer. 
  • Challenge yourself.

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