International Services

The Tampa Office of International Services is now located in BEH 255. Please see our contact page for more details and the new walk-in schedule for services.

Hiring International Students with F-1 and J-1 Visas

Below are guidelines for USF employers to assist with the hiring process of USF international students:

  • International students, with F-1 and J-1 visas, who are full-time enrolled are allowed to accept on campus employment for 20 hours per week. They can be employed on-campus 40 hours per week during official breaks, such as the winter break and summer.

  • J-1 students need written permission from International Services (or the Fulbright Advisor) to work on-campus.  This permission must be requested for each on-campus job and each semester. The student will need to do the following:
    • Bring employment offer letter to International Services
    • Complete the J-1 On Campus Employment Authorization E-Form in iStart
    • Take authorization letter to employer prior to starting employment
    • Note:  written authorization is not needed if employment is listed on DS-2019
  • In order for an international student to apply for a social security number, he/she must first have a job offer letter. With the job offer letter and a letter from International Services, the student can go to the Social Security Office and submit an application. The student will receive a receipt from Social Security. On a normal basis, the social security number will be issued and released to the student, over the phone, within 72 hours.  However, in some circumstances there can be a delay of up to 2 months.
  • The job offer is "not" a binding contract. The letter is stating that you, the employer, are willing to consider this student for a position contingent upon his/her receipt of a social security number. You are not under any obligation to issue such a letter to an international student. Rather, if you have a genuine interest in employing an international student, then the letter may be issued.
  • Each international student hired must go through normal HR Right Start processes.

If you would like further information regarding hiring an international student, please call International Services, at (813) 974-5102.

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