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Originially Submitted by: Kun Shi @ 2018-08-16 16:50:01
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Title: HSK and HSKK - Chinese Proficiency Tests for Adults
Date: 2018-10-14
StartTime: 12:30 PM
EndTime: 3:00 PM


HSK is a Chinese language proficiency test (with six levels) for college students and adults (also open to young students if they have taken YCT). HSKK is the speaking test of HSK. These tests are required if one wants to apply for CI Scholarship or other scholarships to study in China. They will be administered by the Confucius Institute staff starting at 12:30am on October 14th (Sunday), at the USF Patel Center (Map and directions at http://global.usf.edu/downloads/PatelCenterMap.pdf).

NOTE: The deadline for online registration is September 17th. Online registration (with a fee) and more information about the tests is available at http://global.usf.edu/confucius/languagetests.php. Confirmation will be sent to those who complete the online registration and testing ticket will be provided about two weeks before the testing day.

Please contact Chinese@usf.edu if you have any questions.

Location USF Patel Center - CI offices on the second floor
Contact Name: Ms. Lijuan Sun
Contact Email: Chinese@usf.edu
Contact Phone: 813-974-5305
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