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Originially Submitted by: Alexxis Avalon @ 2018-12-14 14:58:52
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Title: Peace Corps Prep Info Session
Date: 2019-01-17
StartTime: 4:15 PM
EndTime: 5:15 PM


Join us for learning about The Benefits of Completing the Peace Corps Prep Program:
• The Peace Corps Prep Undergraduate (PC Prep) program will prepare you for a career in international
development and preferential status as a Peace Corps applicant.
• Develop your skills and knowledge through coursework that will enhance your international
competency and sector-specific interests. The Peace Corps Sectors include: Education, Health,
Environment, Youth in Development, Agriculture, and Community Economic Development.
• Receive a Certificate of Completion from Peace Corps, as well as a notation on your USF transcript,
upon completion of the program.
• Successfully completing the PC Prep Program makes you a more competitive job candidate and
improves employability.

Location MSC 3708
Contact Name: Alexxis Avalon
Contact Email: aavalon@usf.edu
Contact Phone: 813-974-5313
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