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Originially Submitted by: rgavin @ 2019-07-22 12:32:53
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Title: International Sash Ceremony
Date: 2019-07-31
StartTime: 3:00 PM
EndTime: 5:00 PM


International students who graduate August 2019 and are registered to walk in the Commencement Ceremony are invited to attend this event with their family and friends. Students will be presented with a sash that represents their home country's flag during the ceremony. After the ceremony, students, family, and friends will have a chance to mingle and take photos.

The sashes are a gift of appreciation from USF World! There will be photos taken at the sashing; which will be uploaded to the International Services Facebook for viewing and download after the event.

Location ISA 7th Floor
Contact Name: Kristen Zernick
Contact Email: kzernick@usf.edu
Contact Phone:
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