Heartbeat Ensemble
September 17, 2011

Center for India Studies in association with Swaralaya presented “The Heartbeat Ensemble” a dynamic percussion group led by Dr. ‘Ghatam’ Karthick, also renowned for the art of verbal percussion (Konnakol).

The performers included: Dr. Ghatam Karthick – Ghatam, Konnakol Vocal, Embar Kannan, Silent Violin, Poongulam Subramanian, Mridangam, Keyboard, Sathya – Keyboard, BS Arunkumar – Shree Sundar – Kanjira. The group’s lively improvisation thrilled the audience.

Call for Presentations: Eastern and Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainability and Conflict Resolution
August 22, 2011

The conference will examine sustainable philosophies and practices from eastern and indigenous perspectives.   (Read More…)

Mind-Body-Consciousness: Holistic Wellness Traditions of India
June 1, 2011

The USF Center for India Studies hosted its first symposium in April 8-9, 2011 at the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus. Titled “Mind-Body-Consciousness: Holistic Wellness Traditions of India”, the symposium brought together the USF and the Tampa Bay community.

The discussion brought to the forefront existing research in the areas of wellness tradition like Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, Health and Wellness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Cancer Patients, and Mind-Body Medicine in Healthcare while introducing the lesser known modalities such as Music Therapy and Naturopathy. Director of the Center for India Studies, Dr. Gurleen Grewal says that the long-term purpose behind hosting the symposium is to open up the floor to future promotion of teaching and research in wellness traditions as well as recognize the significance that such traditions have earned in the western world. (Read More…)

Dr. Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions Inauguration
March 10, 2011

On March 10, 2011, the Center for India Studies had the pleasure of participating in the inauguration of the new  Patel Center for Global Solutions building, home  of the new Patel School of Global Sustainability and the USF World initiatives; the inauguration honored donors Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel.    (Read More…)

Internship Opportunities in India
February 21, 2011

India provides excellent opportunities for cultural studies and service internships. With over a billion people, India has countless organizations doing service projects and encouraging young people to selflessly provide their services.

Saumitra Gokhale has been involved in several such activities such as Youth for SEWA http://www.sewausa.org/yuva-sewa-2011. Sewa International USA encourages young adults (ages 18-30) to volunteer and provide a helping hand to one that needs it most. Yuva For Sewa (YFS) is a volunteering opportunity with projects of 1 to 6 months duration available in India and the United States. The projects are designed for youth to channel their talent, energy and enthusiasm and helping them in making a difference for the communities they volunteer in. He will explain the concept of “seva” or selfless service and discuss various opportunities for internships in India.

Saumitra Gokhale graduated with a B.E (Metallurgy) from Pune, Maharashtra (India) and with M.S. (Mechanical) from Canada. After finishing his studies in 1995, he decided to dedicate his life to social work.

CIS Hosts Renowned International Journalist Rohit Gandhi
February 3, 2011

“I didn’t know I’d ever land up in Florida. I thought my place was in Afghanistan,” said Rohit Gandhi as he took the floor after a brief introduction by the Center for India Studies director, Dr, Gurleen Grewal. (Read More…)