Center for India Studies Hosts Spring Lecture Series
January 27, 2011

The Center for India Studies held its first lecture of the semester on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011. Co-sponsoring the evening with USF’s department of English, the lecture featured award-winning author Tony D’Souza, famed for his novel ‘Whiteman’, which received the Sue Kaufman Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Reading excerpts from his work, D’Souza engaged an eclectic audience of students and faculty. (Read More…)

Center for India Studies Newsletter
January 12, 2011

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Dr. Ram Ramcharran Lecture
November 10, 2010

Dr. Ram Ramcharran, Vice President of Business Development for American Primary Care delivered a lecture titled “Indentured Servitude: Early Formations of the Indian Diaspora” on  November 10, 2010. He discussed the early formation of the  Indian Diaspora during the 19th century  and the emigration of contract laborers under the indenture system that replaced slavery in the British colonies. Born in Guyana, where his great-grandparents were brought as indentured servants from India to work in the sugar plantations, Dr. Ramcharran discussed the   hardships faced by these early migrants in their struggle to survive in an alien world.

CIS Fundraiser at the Dr.Ram Ramcharran’s residence
October 25, 2010

USF Center for India Studies had its fourth fundraiser hosted by Dr. Ram Ramcharran at their lovely family home in Tarpon Springs on October 25th, 2010. The keynote speakers for the evening were Kanniks Kannikeswaran, and Dr. Gurleen Grewal, Director for CIS; Dr. Ramcharran gave a warm address outlining his commitment to education and to furthering the cause of the Center.

Kanniks Kannikeshwaran, CIS Artist in Residence – “Colonial Interlude: The Indigenization of Colonial tunes in 18th Century India”
October 25, 2010

Kanniks Kannikeshwaran, artist in residence at CIS and musicologist based in Cincinnati, Ohio, presented a talk titled, ‘Colonial Interlude: The Indigenization of Colonial tunes in 18th Century India.” The multi-media lecture explored a largely unheard of, yet fascinating, period of Indian colonial history. 200 years ago when the East India company colonized India, Muthuswamy Dikshitar (1775- 1835), one of India’s revered composers wrote Sanskrit lyrics to Irish, Scottish and English tunes that arrived in India along with the East India company. The result is a genre that is neither completely Indian nor completely western, featuring one of the first cultural crossovers between the East and the West.

Celebrate with the Center for India Studies – Diwali Festival of Lights
October 24, 2010

The Center for India Studies co-sponsored the Diwali Festival of Lights Showcase by the Rural Handicrafts Company (RHC) on Sunday, October 24, 2010. The event featured cultural Indian dances by community participants as well as free henna tattoos and Ayurvedic massages by licensed practitioners.  RHC released a commemorative hand-painted USF Bull Diwali diya (lamp).