USF Ranks in the Top 5 for Peace Corps Master’s International Programs
May 8, 2013

The University of South Florida was named in the top five Master’s International programs by the Peace Corps. (Read More…)

USF Student Wins Outstanding Environmental Engineering Award
April 1, 2013

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) has awarded Mr.  Dustin Bales their 2013 William Brewster Snow Award. (Read More…)

Meet Christy Prouty, Peace Corps Co-Director for Project “Camp BUILD” in Uganda
November 9, 2012

During her two-year stay in Uganda from 2010-2012, Christy worked as a Community Health Volunteer and co-directed the impactful project, Camp BUILD (Boys of Uganda in Leadership Development). (Read More…)

USF Ranks 11th in Peace Corps’ Southeast Region Top Schools List
March 10, 2011

With 347 alumni having served in the Peace Corps since its inception in 1961, and 20 currently overseas, University of South Florida is ranked No. 11 on Peace Corps’ Southeast Region  ranking of Top Twenty-Five Colleges and Universities producing Peace Corps Volunteers. (Read More…)

Peace Corps Utilizes Globe Talks to Bring in New Recruits
January 27, 2011

“The aim is to make you a more competitive applicant,” says Katie Roders, Strategic Campus Peace Corps Recruiter at USF. And there’s no doubt that she along with her small staff of interns will do everything it takes to draw in a large number of potential applicants and make sure the Peace Corps opportunity is open to everyone. (Read More…)

Peace Corps Kicks Off 50th Anniversary at USF
November 9, 2010

Over 340 alumni have served in developing countries around the globe

 ATLANTA, November 9, 2010-The Peace Corps will be visiting the University of South Florida on November 18, 2010, to celebrate International Education Week and kickoff the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary.  A panel of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers will dialog with USF students and members of the community about expanding opportunities to live, learn, and work overseas in 77 countries around the globe.

USF has a long history of supporting Peace Corps—over 340 alumni have served in developing countries worldwide.  Currently, USF Peace Corps Volunteers are working in countries as diverse as Romania, Namibia, Morocco, Kyrgyz Republic, Guatemala, China, Mali, Azerbaijan and Colombia, among others.