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Internship Opportunities in India
February 21, 2011

India provides excellent opportunities for cultural studies and service internships. With over a billion people, India has countless organizations doing service projects and encouraging young people to selflessly provide their services.

Saumitra Gokhale has been involved in several such activities such as Youth for SEWA Sewa International USA encourages young adults (ages 18-30) to volunteer and provide a helping hand to one that needs it most. Yuva For Sewa (YFS) is a volunteering opportunity with projects of 1 to 6 months duration available in India and the United States. The projects are designed for youth to channel their talent, energy and enthusiasm and helping them in making a difference for the communities they volunteer in. He will explain the concept of “seva” or selfless service and discuss various opportunities for internships in India.

Saumitra Gokhale graduated with a B.E (Metallurgy) from Pune, Maharashtra (India) and with M.S. (Mechanical) from Canada. After finishing his studies in 1995, he decided to dedicate his life to social work.