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Lights Out in Senegal
March 7, 2011

Hannah Feig, USF student and recipient of the prestigious Gilman award is currently spending her semester studying abroad in Senegal. Traveling through different parts of the country, Hannah is staying with a local family in Dakar and is well on her way to becoming a seasoned Dakar native.

Gradually improving her French, she is beginning to understand Wolof (language spoken in Senegal) among the many foreign concepts that come her way. Blogging about her experiences as often as she can, Hannah is learning to appreciate a more humble way of living, talking about the community she lives in with a great sense of peace. She describes in detail the geographic nature of the places she has travelled to, the food, the water, the customs, the sport and the brighter side of living in a place that has little use for technology.

Among other things, she describes her minor struggles with lack of warm water and adequate electricity, as well as the Dakar version of a toothbrush. Her posts are a taste of the life less imagined that she talks about with the awe that only a stranger can express.

“I haven’t felt overwhelmingly homesick. It’s amazing and serene and I feel at peace with everything,” she says in her latest blog post titled, Back on the Coast.

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