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2011 High School Chinese Bridge Program
March 11, 2011

The High School Chinese Bridge Program provides two weeks of Chinese language and cultural training in China each summer.  The Program is open to high school students in 9-12 grades, aging 14-18. Selected students need only pay for their airfare and visas; Hanban (the Office of Chinese Language Council International) provides all in-country expenses, including room, board, transportation, language instruction, cultural activities, and sightseeing tours. The program will take place from July 16th -31st, 2011.

The USF Confucius Institute recruits applicants and helps choose chaperons (1 per 9-15 students) but neither USF nor USF Confucius Institute is an official sponsor of the program.

Priority will be given to high schools which have Chinese language programs and their Chinese language teachers want to become chaperones.

Program Goal
To promote exchange between the youth of the US and China, and help high school students have a better understanding of the Chinese language and culture, thus stimulating their interest in learning Chinese.

July 16th – 31st, 2011

Arrangement of Activities
During the program, students will study Chinese language and culture, and visit historic sites. They will spend 30 class sessions learning Chinese language, 15 sessions on Chinese culture (including paper-cut, calligraphy, tea ceremony, martial arts, etc.), 15 hours visiting their peers and local residents, and 15 hours touring local cultural and historical sites.

Program Cost
Students and chaperons are required to undertake the costs on round-trip air tickets, international travel insurance and visa fees. Hanban will cover the China costs on room and board, transportation, activities and sightseeing for students and chaperons.

Group Assignment
Our CI will choose from the following provinces: Tianjin, Shanghai, Jilin, Shandong, Henan, and Shaanxi.  We have already requested to go to Henan or Shandong, and Hanban will inform us of the result in April.

General Itinerary in China

  • July 16: Arrival in Beijing around 5:00pm local time, and then flight to one of the above provinces or cities (Hanban is responsible for the booking of the flight to the province or city)
  • July 17-26: Cultural and educational exchange in local school in one of the above 7 provinces or cities
  • July 27: Back to Beijing (Hanban is responsible for the booking of the flight back to Beijing)
  • July 28-30: Activities in Beijing (including the closing ceremony of the summer camp, visit to Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, touring Beijing, etc)
  • July 31: Departure for U.S.

Students are required to meet the following qualities

  • American Citizen
  • 9-12 grade, 14-18 years old (graduating 12th grade or entering 9th grade are acceptable)
  • No more than 3 years of Chinese learning experience
  • Good academic performance and high moral integrity
  • Good health and able to adapt to different environments

Chaperones are required to meet the following qualities

  • K-12 teaching experience, Chinese teachers preferred
  • Experience in student management
  • Love teaching; being responsible and compatible
  • Outstanding communication skills and adaptive capacity
  • Physical capability of international traveling

and fulfill following duties:

  • Help Confucius Institute with pre-departure training.
  • Accompany students attend all courses and other activities.
  • Coordinate with Hanban and host schools to supervise the life and security of students, taking primary management responsibilities.
  • Concern about students; help students physically and psychologically adapt to the new environment. Provide guidance to student behavior.
  • In case of emergency, such as student illness or loss of passport, keep close contact with Confucius Institute, Hanban, and host school staffs, as well as accompany the students for medical treatment and so on.
  • After summer camp, collect the feedbacks towards the program from attended students. Submit to Hanban a summary report and recommendations for improvement.

With regard to the application procedures, please fill out the appropriate files located in the links below.  Application, Code of Conduct, Recommendation letter (for students) and CV (for chaperones) must be submitted by Friday April 8th to or fax to 813-974-5103.  We will inform you of your acceptance on April 20th.  It is important that you have a U.S. passport that is valid at least 6 months beyond the dates of your trip.  China requires a visa for the program, which should be obtained well in advance.

Students Application Materials

Chaperones Application Materials