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Canadian Five-Dollar Notes
Fulbright Canada: Why should your students and scholars choose Canada?
March 15, 2011

Canada is an excellent option for students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Students are able to study at low cost at internationally accredited academic institutions that adhere to rigorous standards of scholarship and offer easily transferable course credits. For scholars, Canada offers world-class research facilities and networks, along with unique opportunities to do comparative work and develop long term collaborations.  In addition, Canada’s universities are predominantly located in Canada’s vibrant, multicultural urban centres, offering a unique experience to students and scholars from around the world. 

All Fulbright Canada grantees become part of a well-organized, highly integrated program.  In addition to the cash award, Fulbright Canada provides basic health insurance and a range of administrative services.  Furthermore, all student and scholar award recipients are invited to attend a three-day all-expenses paid orientation program in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.  They may also apply for mobility funding for in-country professional development, as well as for unique Fulbright Canada opportunities such as the Eco-Leadership Program and the Community Leadership Program.  Finally, award recipients join the prestigious Fulbright family, representing a program that has celebrated academic excellence and achievement, as well as community service and leadership, for more than sixty years.  As I’m sure you are aware, the networking and reputational value of Fulbright cannot be underestimated.     

Here are the links to the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars ( as well as the Institute for International Education ( which provide information on the Fulbright programs to scholars and students respectively.  However, Fulbright Canada’s website ( offers more comprehensive information about all of our programs, as well as direct contact information for the officer responsible for each program.  Interested applicants are also able to read about Fulbright Canada’s diverse activities (such as community initiatives, lecture series, publications) and Fulbright Canada alumni.