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2011 Spring Semester CI Lectures Completed
May 2, 2011

Since Fall 2010, the USF Confucius Institute has provided three CI lectures each semester (two related to Chinese culture and one to US-China relations). This semester, we had three distinguished speakers who attracted many students, faculty and community members.

On February 3, Dr. Mark Bender of The Ohio State University’s Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures presented his research on colorful images of women representing the Yi and other minority cultures in southwestern China.  An audience of 30 attended and engaged Dr. Bender in discussion about the diversity of China’s minority cultures and customs. Dr. Bender also had a seminar session with students of Chinese from the USF World Languages.

On March 29, Dr. Eric Shepherd, director of USF’s World Languages’ Chinese program and renowned Chinese educator, spoke to more than 30 students, faculty and community members about U.S.-China relations based on his personal experiences.  As a foreigner who has mastered Chinese language and culture, Dr. Shepherd presented a case about the qualities and challenges underlying U.S.-China relations on a broad scale and then demonstrated how he himself successfully navigated the differences between American and Chinese cultures. 

On April 14, Dr. Wei Zhang of USF’s Religious Studies presented an overview of the complex interrelationships among Traditional Chinese Medicine, religion and philosophy.  A group of 20 students and faculty engaged Dr. Zhang in discussions about Traditional Chinese Medicine’s origins, theories and status as an alternative to Western medicine.

This semester’s hugely successful CI Lecture Series exceeded expectations and helped foster greater dialogue about China among members of the USF community.