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Dr. Gathegi with Workshop Participants (USSH Faculty and Staff)
USF Faculty Conducts Workshop in Vietnam & Visits South Korea
May 25, 2011

In May, Dr. John Gathegi, Professor in the School of Information, conducted a workshop on ‘Web 2.0 and the Use of Social Networking Tools in Information Service’ for some 20 faculty and staff members of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. USSH is a part of Vietnam National University, and has a sister-institution relationship with the University of South Florida, established in 2007. According to Dr. Gathegi, “the students were very enthused with web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, wikis, podcasting, mobile applications, and social networking sites, and resolved to try to integrate those tools in the provision of information services.”  The workshop was designed with the help of Vickie Toranzo Zacker, a graduate student in the USF School of Information.

Following the workshop, Dr. Gathegi went to Seoul, South Korea, where he visited Yonsei University Library. “The Yonsei University Library is one of the most modern and technologically advanced academic libraries in the World,” says Dr. Gathegi. With a huge investment from technological giant Samsung among others, Yonsei describes its library as a ubiquitous information environment, and “one of the world’s most cutting edge, state-of-the-art library.” Yonsei is a prestigious university that was established in 1885, and is the oldest private university in Korea.

In Seoul Dr. Gathegi also visited the National Assembly Library, which is a legal depository library led by a Chief Librarian who holds the rank of a Vice Minister. The chief purpose of the library is to support legislators’ research needs, and it prides itself on striving to achieve this goal. 

Both visits in Seoul were facilitated by two of Dr. Gathegi’s former students who have returned to Korea upon graduation.