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USF Student Wins Freeman Awards for Study in Asia
May 26, 2011

Andrea Farinas, USF student won a Freeman-ASIA award to study abroad for Summer 2011.  Ms. Farinas is USF’s first student in 5 years to be awarded the Freeman-ASIA, which awards up to $3000 to apply towards the costs to study abroad in Asia. This is the first time since 2009 that the Freeman-ASIA has been awarded. In December, the Freeman-ASIA program was re-launched for two years. 

Ms. Farinas, a Psychology major, will be studying in China on USF’s Tier 1 Chinese Learning in the Culture Program. All recipients are required to carry out a Service Project to promote educational experiences in East and Southeast Asia within their university and community. Ms. Farinas will implement a three-pronged educational program upon her return to meet this requirement.

The next USF Deadline for Freeman-ASIA is September 5th, 2011, for Spring 2012 and 2012-13 academic year programs.  The program is sponsored by the Freeman Foundation and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE). Students studying abroad in East and Southeast Asia are encouraged to apply and should alert the Office of National Scholarships (ONS) of their interest as soon as possible.  Dr. Linda Lucas is the National Scholarships Graduate Advisor who manages the Gilman Scholarship portfolio. Contact her at

The Freeman Foundation also sponsors the Freeman Indonesia Nonprofit Internship Program, a fully funded internship and academic program which pairs American and Indonesian students to work together in an Indonesian nonprofit organization.  Boren, DAAD, and CLS scholarships also fund enrolled students to go to international locales.  DAAD is specifically for study, research and internships in Germany.  Boren emphasizes language and study abroad for 6-12 months. Each summer, the Critical Languages Scholarship (CLS) sends students to learn one of 13 critical languages in the country in which it is spoken for 7-10 weeks.  More information on these scholarships and many more can be found at the Office of National Scholarships website:

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