Mind-Body-Consciousness: Holistic Wellness Traditions of India
June 1, 2011

The USF Center for India Studies hosted its first symposium in April 8-9, 2011 at the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus. Titled “Mind-Body-Consciousness: Holistic Wellness Traditions of India”, the symposium brought together the USF and the Tampa Bay community.

The discussion brought to the forefront existing research in the areas of wellness tradition like Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, Health and Wellness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Cancer Patients, and Mind-Body Medicine in Healthcare while introducing the lesser known modalities such as Music Therapy and Naturopathy. Director of the Center for India Studies, Dr. Gurleen Grewal says that the long-term purpose behind hosting the symposium is to open up the floor to future promotion of teaching and research in wellness traditions as well as recognize the significance that such traditions have earned in the western world.

According to Dr. Grewal, wellness traditions from India have been at the cutting edge of medical research over the last 30 years. Approximately a decade ago, USF was host to an international conference on yoga organized by Dr. Ann Debaldo and has consistently seen active research in wellness traditions through the Moffitt Center for Research and the USF College of Nursing. The symposium will be an answer to the question of pooling together resources within USF and Tampa Bay with regard to wellness traditions

Responses from the symposium

“Thank you for putting on such a great and informative cross-cut through eastern thinking and eastern approach to fostering and ensuring wellness.

Having been retired for many years, I am no longer used to such a marathon, but it was very worth-while and the food was delicious.

I left with a better understanding of the underlying principles of eastern medicine and with the renewed determination that in our western society, where medicine focuses primarily only on fighting disease, it is up to me to see to my wellness.  I am looking forward to the next opportunity to learn more.”

Ruth R. Robinson, M.A. History
Volunteer Faculty  Exploring World Cultures

“Thank you so much for organizing such an amazing symposium. There was much I could take away from the program from a personal and professional perspective. Each speaker brought such a wealth of information and it was a very educational experience. India does have a lot to offer the west through yoga, ayurveda and other traditional approaches. I understand only a limited number of topics/issues could be discussed in this symposium due to time constraints. I would love to see this symposium turn into an annual event of a longer duration, where workshops could be conducted and more participant interaction would be made possible. As a health care professional working in the Tampa bay region, I know the information provided in such symposiums would greatly benefit the community. I am very thankful for the educational and networking opportunities this symposium offered. And I am so glad the program was held at such a wonderful venue at USF. I will pass on what I learned to other professionals. I hope that you will organize another such symposium soon.”

Local Physician