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Education Abroad Faculty Proposal Deadlines
August 31, 2011

The Education Abroad Office partners with USF academic and administrative units and colleges to facilitate and develop study abroad programs for USF students.  Faculty-led study abroad programs are programs in which the academic instruction on-site is provided by USF faculty or specially-contracted host institution faculty teaching existing USF courses. Typically, they are short-term (up to eight weeks) and offered during the summer or winter/spring breaks. 

The first Fall Study Abroad Fair is on September 27, 2011, so Education Abroad is asking that proposals be submitted as soon as possible so that program brochures may be printed in advance. 

Preferred deadlines for submission are: 

  • September 9, 2011 (Spring Break & Summer Programs – for brochures at the 9/27 fair)
  • October 1, 2011 (Summer Programs)

Faculty from any of the USF System campuses can develop a USF Education Abroad program by first reading Developing a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Proposal and then meeting with a staff member of the Education Abroad Office to discuss the proposal process.

For more information visit the Faculty Proposal Page.