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Fall 2011 CI Lecture on Ethnic Relations in China
September 28, 2011

During the last academic year, the USF Confucius Institute (CI) sponsored three public lectures in the Fall and Spring semester, which attracted a large audience from USF and the Tampa Bay community. The CI will continue this tradition and has several lectures planned for this fall. These lectures are focused on Chinese cultures and society, as well as US-China relations.

On September 22, the CI held its first lecture of the semester. Titled “Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in China,” the lecture was given by the CI’s director, Kun Shi. About 50 USF students,

Presentation by Kun Shi

Introduction by Dr. Brindley

 faculty and community members attended the event with most student attendees from Dr. Shepherd’s Chinese language program at USF. Dr. Roger Brindley, Associate Vice President for Global Academic Programs, opened the CI lecture series for this semester and introduced the speaker. Speaking on the expansive subject of Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in China, Director Shi covered a significant portion within the hour, providing additional sources for interested participants to follow up on.

He talked about the importance of ethnic relations to China, briefly tracing the development of Chinese civilization through the interactions of peoples and cultures, describing Chinese perceptions of ethnicity in the past and ethnic identification in the 1950s,

Answering a question about minority language in education

discussing the challenge of ethnic nationalism, and presenting  diverse “family portraits” of the 56 ethnic groups in China.

The impact of ethnic minorities in China

Finally, the Q&A session covered areas of education, language policy, family planning, degree of modernization, and women of ethnic minorities. Attendees showed a strong interest in the topic and the CI Lecture Series and will likely revisit it in the future. (More details are in the attached lecture slides in PDF form.)
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