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China Stories from USF Students Who Studied for a Year at Nankai University
October 19, 2011

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Confucius Institute was proud to host the second CI lecture this semester: “China Stories” presented by three current USF students (Samantha Ashworth, Misty Sirine and Victor Florez). They shared some of the experiences that they had while studying abroad for an academic year at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. Each of them shared different aspects of their experiences abroad; Samantha focusing on university life and academics, Misty sharing key points concerning the city of Tianjin and her internship opportunity, and Victor elaborating on his performance training extra-curricular activities, and opportunities to showcase his talents on national television. Each speaker also touched on some challenges that they encountered abroad, and presented valuable advice to students hoping to study abroad in China in the near future. Some of the students in the audience were motivated to participate in Chinese Bridge Competition and apply for CI Scholarship to study in China.

The three student speakers are highly proficient in Chinese language and well trained in Chinese culture, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Shepherd. The CI director Kun Shi explained the CI Scholarship, which supported the three speakers for a year at Nankai University. Dr. Holbrook, Senior Vice President of USF attended the event and had a conversation with the students. We would appreciate the 25 USF students and staff who attended the event. Hopefully the students who were there are better prepared for their own China adventures now that they have received three first-hand accounts from a few experienced fellow student learners of Chinese.