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Marsha Lewis
USF Student Garners Award in China
December 12, 2011

USF junior Marsha Louis is currently on Tier III of the Chinese Language in the Culture (CLIC) education abroad program and is studying at Nankai University, China.

Placing third in the Nankai University Chinese language competition last month, an annual event broadcast by Tianjin Television, Marsha impressed judges and the audience with a speech, an introduction in Chinese, and a display of traditional storytelling skills.

Dr. Eric Shepherd, Assistant Professor of Chinese in the department of World Languages heads the CLIC program and says that this is a tremendous accomplishment for both Marsha and USF. Dr. Shepherd points out that Marsha was competing against graduate students who spent a significant amount of time in China and had been studying the language longer.

Along with Marsha, another USF student Avinash Mahbubani also participated in the competition. The event was featured in several Chinese news publications.

Marsha was also selected to represent all foreign nationals at the start of classes in fall where she gave a speech at Nankai University addressing students and teachers at the College of Chinese Language and Culture.

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