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USF Multicultural Affairs to Launch Cultural Exchange Program Called iBuddy
December 21, 2011

In an effort to make the transition to the United States easier for international students, the office of Multicultural Affairs will launch the iBuddy program in Spring 2012.

The program is designed to partner an international student with a domestic counterpart, giving both students the chance to share their culture and experiences. Most international students who come to the United States to further their academic careers deal with the challenges of understanding a culture that is largely different from their own. Things that seem common like using a map to navigate your way across campus or pulling on the yellow string to get off at the next stop on the shuttle aren’t quite as common in other countries across the world.

By partnering international students with American students, the iBuddy program will give students the chance to clarify their doubts and learn about American culture and lifestyles through a more informal, approachable resource. Creating a more positive American experience for international students, the program will also give American students the opportunity to learn about a foreign culture, its customs, traditions, history, and language from their ‘buddy’.

The office of Multicultural Affairs will host the ‘iBuddy Kick-Off’ on January 13, 2012. The event is a social that will feature small and large group activities to encourage student interaction.

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