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British & French Ambassador Visit USF
February 3, 2012

Monday January 24, 2012 – While Monday last week was abuzz with the excitement of the GOP debates coming to campus, USF was also treated to the company of two other very important foreign nationals.

The British Ambassador – Sir Peter Westmacott
Visiting an American university campus for the first time, U.K.’s most recently appointed ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott met with USF System President Judy Genshaft, Provost Ralph Wilcox and other USF representatives to discuss USF’s relations with universities in the United Kingdom.

Following his meeting with the President, the ambassador also met with a group of USF students, a session he had specifically requested. Engaging with over 50 of USF’s finest, including Provost scholars, students at USF from the U.K. and others who had received academic distinction, the ambassador answered questions on higher education, tuition, politics, the Russian-EU conference and the recent oil embargo among several other topics.

“Our students didn’t go easy on him; they had some very strong opinions on certain issues and posed some pretty tough questions. He was very impressed with the intellectual dialogue of the student body,” said Khalid Hassouneh, USF’s Senate President.

Hassouneh believes that the ambassador’s visit to USF speaks to the high international reputation that USF has earned.

The French Ambassador – François Dellatre
USF was also preparing for the arrival of the French Ambassador to the United States, François Dellatre. Addressing a large audience and talking about French relations with the U.S., Dellatre pointed out the many ways in which the France-U.S. alliance has been beneficial to industry even in the worst economic times. He ended his talk with “Let’s not forget entrepreneur is a French word,” a line that brought him a steady round of applause.

One of the main purposes of Dellatre’s visit was to honor French and American World War II veterans. Speaking highly of their valor and contribution, the ambassador awarded each of four veterans a medal of honor issued by the Republic of France as the audience gave them a standing ovation.