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USF Makes Strides in India
March 23, 2012

Early this February, representatives from USF World visited India to further USF’s international footprint in the country. USF’s second largest international student provider, India has consistently maintained a long-standing relationship with the university through institution and industry collaborations.

Visiting for a multitude of reasons, USF World’s Associate Vice President for Global Academic Programs Dr. Roger Brindley and Associate Vice President for Global Affairs Dr. Maria Crummett spent their time in India forging new relations and revisiting old ones.

International Recruitment

In conjunction with USF’s newly established office in India, Dr. Roger Brindley sought out 11 Indian academic institutions in 5 cities to find the right fit. “We’re looking for authentic and sustainable opportunities,” said Brindley. He added that the focus was to seek out institutions committed to a global profile, one that suitably matches USF’s international goals.
Meeting with heads of institutions, Brindley explains that while each institution has something significant to offer, some presented a strong interest in developing international partnerships while doing collaborative work and accepting USF’s assistance in building globally relevant programs. “There was a clear intent to establish mutually beneficial academic and research experiences.”

Brindley also met with the U.S. Embassy in Delhi, engaging in a positive and constructive dialogue that he says has put USF’s proactive engagement in India clearly in sight. Another part of his visit that has likely built up some chatter in the student community is Brindley’s one-on-one sessions with prospective USF students and their parents that answered questions and provided reassurance. “It’s rare for our international applicants to see a real, American university professor, an expert who is hands-on. It allowed me the action of being there in their hometown.”

International Relations

Presenting at two conferences and a panelist at the third, Dr. Maria Crummett was joined by College of Public Health faculty Dr. Ann Debaldo and Dr. Marti Coulter, Dr. Yashwant Pathak from the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Manisha Joshi from the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences and Dr. Gurleen Grewal from the Center for India Studies on her third official visit to India.

Traveling to the northwestern region of the sub-continent, Arunachal Pradesh, Crummett also signed two agreements – a Memorandum of Understanding with Dibrugarh University in Assam and an agreement establishing a framework for collaboration with the Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures & Heritage (RIWATCH).

Dedicated to documenting and enabling sustenance within the local indigenous community, RIWATCH is a research facility supervised by the International Center of Cultural Studies that Crummett says could be a great asset to USF.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Health, Pharmacy, the Center for India Studies and USF as a whole to build a three-way partnership with both RIWATCH and Dibrugarh.” She further explains that given the work both Indian institutions already have underway, there is potential for extensive faculty collaboration and student exchange.