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USF World Joins Going Global, an International Resource and Career Portal
July 24, 2012

“USF World is extremely pleased to be able to offer a key resource to our faculty, students, alumni and staff.  There is something in Going Global for anyone interested in traveling or working abroad,” says Dr. Kiki Caruson, Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation and Global Affairs. Going Global is an online portal that gives students and faculty access to country travel guides and career resources for 34 countries and 43 U.S. cities. Faculty, students and staff can research markets in different cities and countries, more easily understand local and international environments, and fully equip themselves with reliable information that will help them pursue global travel or employment.

How Does Going Global Assist Faculty?

Faculty are given access to critical information for traveling abroad. These include assistance with research, teaching or other professional activities.  “The Going Global Country Guides contain helpful information for navigating a city or specific region of a country and include sections on local history, culture, cuisine, key language phrases and pronunciation, local financial customs, expense calculations and entertaining ‘How To Act Like a Local’ advice,” emphasizes Dr. Caruson. Also included are embassy contacts in each country, and a list of professional networking organizations.

How Does Going Global Support Student Success?

Going Global is focused on providing services that help college students access internship and job listings. Going Global also provides current industry trends, executive recruiters and staffing contacts, salary ranges, costs of living estimates, information about professional and social networking groups, and cultural advice. Examples of country-specific cover letters, interviewing advice and information about in-country expenses are provided to assist students applying for internships and employment.

International students also have much to gain from the Going Global portal. The website includes links to H-1B visa employers across the U.S., city career guides, and other valuable resources that help international students seeking employment connect with companies that are open to, and familiar with, this specific hiring process.

The website serves as an all-inclusive source regardless of whether a student is looking for an internship or volunteer opportunity to boost their resume or for a job upon graduation. Dr. Drema Howard, Director of USF Career Center, is excited about the potential opportunities this service will bring to USF, “In this job market it’s critical for our students to have access to internship and employment opportunities overseas. These international opportunities give applicants a large advantage when competing for jobs.  Going Global’s information on industries, work permit and visa information requirements, along with interview and resume guidelines for specific countries will be invaluable information to help our students be competitive in the global marketplace.”

How Does Going Global Assist Alumni?

“The Alumni Association is thrilled to expand our career service options to include international opportunities. Members can take advantage of county guides and industry specific data in addition to job searching, which really provides a tremendous member benefit,” said Bill McCausland, Executive Director of the Alumni Association.

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