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Dr. Nava Ben Zvi – USF World’s First Executive-in-Residence
August 28, 2012

Dr. Nava Ben Zvi, former president of Hadassah College Jerusalem, is USF World’s first Executive-in-Residence. The first recipient of the University of South Florida President’s Global Leadership Award

in 2006, Dr. Ben Zvi has since maintained her relationship with USF through research and collaboration. “USF is growing in its offering and its student body. I’ve come here to learn and I bring my experience with me, to use here,” she said.

Dr. Nava Ben Zvi

Dr. Ben Zvi’s first objective at USF is to work at nurturing woman power by taking a global perspective and giving women the tools at a second chance at life. Her intention is to work with abused women and to use their experiences in a positive light. As for her interest in Tampa, she emphasizes the need to start in places that are likely to succeed. “I think we can look at things in the global context of Tampa. Starting here guarantees community support.” She is currently researching the local area and is in talks with higher administration to learn more about similar activities already underway.

Dr. Ben Zvi is at USF World on a year-long sabbatical and will offer a unique perspective on the department’s mission, process, outcomes, and people through a systemic approach. She is interested in supporting and measuring the desired impact of the department’s programs and USF World’s ability to meet that goal. Using Education Abroad as an example, she says the intention behind studying abroad is to give students a life-time of experiences, not a single, isolated one. “Students need to come away from the program saying I am part of the world. It’s a process, not a one-time event.” She adds that while USF World has many ideas and ventures about global approach, it is important to work globally, but design abilities and concerns from local knowledge and responsibilities.

“I really believe USF deserves to be on top,” said Dr. Ben Zvi. This place has been very kind to me.”