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USF’s New Peace Corps Recruiter Ready for Fall
September 7, 2012

Christine Prouty is USF’s new Peace Corps recuiter. In this role, Christine will promote Peace Corps volunteer opportunities on campus and will assist students with the application process from start to finish.

A Peace Corps volunteer herself, Christine returned from Uganda only a month ago and is diving headfirst into helping other students gain the experience of a lifetime. “It’s like no experience you’ll ever have, “she says, “as cliché as it sounds, it’s true.  Just to live among these people and experience the way that they live their entire lives.” Christine was a community health volunteer engaged in assisting a group of widows with tasks like income generation, goat rearing and fuel efficient mud stoves. She says most of the widows she worked with had lost someone to HIV/AIDS, making them the heads of entire families at the age of 50.

Christine also played a major role in hosting the first national boys’ leadership camp in Uganda called BUILD (Boys of Uganda in Leadership Development). The camp helped bring boys who had never left their hometowns to the capital and was based on the leadership ideals of ‘building yourself, your community, your health, your environment and Uganda.’

Christine Prouty

A graduate student in the Master’s International Peace Corps program, Christine is working toward getting her degree in Environmental Engineering.  Her master’s thesis is based on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of water users’ choices in Uganda and the environmental impacts of these choices. Though joining the Peace Corps has added an extra two years to her program, Christine says the opportunity was worth every moment.

Now Christine is ready to take on her new role as Peace Corps recruiter and help students like her gain the experience that has changed her life.

Christine is located at the Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions. For more information on the Peace Corps and office hours, visit