September 2012 Confucius Institute Lectures
September 20, 2012

This month, Confucius Institute Director, Kun Shi, delivered two lectures. Shi gave an informative presentation at the Confucius Institute Lecture on September 20 to the USF communityth, as well as a keynote lecture at the 2012 Southeast Chinese Language Association (SECLA) Annual Conference held on September 15th at Middle Tennessee State University.

The Confucius Institute Lecture titled “Stories from Western China” was based on Kun Shi’s research on the Xinjiang and Tibetan areas. The lecture described the peoples in the two regions and provided a summary of the socio-political challenges facing them today. About thirty students and community members attended the lecture. The SECLA keynote lecture was focused on developing cross-cultural competence for Chinese language teachers, particularly for guest teachers from China. More than 70 teachers and administrators from five states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina) attended.