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Going Global Adds New Country Guides and More Features
February 11, 2013

Going Global is an online portal that gives students and faculty access to country travel guides and career resources. With the addition of Chile, Vietnam, Taiwan and Kenya to the list the Career Guide Collection now includes 89 guides. Faculty, students and staff can research markets in different cities and countries, more easily understand local and international environments, and fully equip themselves with reliable information that will help them pursue global travel or employment.

In addition to the country guides Going Global is offering free monthly student training sessions, a redesigned website with improved interface, and quarterly H1B visa updates. Starting in February, students can sign up for free training sessions on a monthly basis. Dates and registration details can be found on the platform home page. The revised website will have an improved user interface, more customized search features, and will be accessible from mobile devices. Additionally, users can set up a dashboard to view USF’s user statistics on demand. The H1B Plus search engine now contains quarterly updates of all H1B visa applications from the US Department of Labor. Previously, these updates were only available on an annual basis.

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