Contribution of Qingdao University Teachers to the USF Confucius Institute
November 1, 2012

Last November, our partner Qingdao University sent professors Zhenying Wang and Wei Wei to join the USF-CI in support of the USF Chinese program. They were warmly welcomed by the USF World leadership.

In just two weeks after their arrival, they assisted the Confucius Institute to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Providing a CI workshop on Chinese family relations and child rearing for the staff of the USF Preschool of Creative Learning on November 9;
  • Administering YCT tests on November 10 at Lake Highland Prep School and Palm Bay Academy (with 53 students taking the YCT);
  • Hosting the CI lecture on US-China relations by Henry Levine (former US Consul General in Shanghai) on November 14; and
  • Participating and outreaching in the USF International Festival on November 15.

In the remainder of the semester, they were adjusting and learning the USF teaching method by observing classes and working with the faculty of the Department of World Languages. From January 2013, they will focus on supporting the USF Chinese program by teaching or co-teaching language and culture classes.

A similar report in Chinese is posted by Hanban at: