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Strong Partnership for USF and Qingdao University
December 14, 2012

Since the Qingdao University (QU) delegation visited USF in July 2012, much has happened between the two universities. On December 14-15, Dr. Karen Holbrook (Sr. Vice President of USF) and Kun Shi (CI Director) visited QU before attending the Global CI Conference. During the visit, they were warmly welcomed by President Wang Anmin. Then they had a substantial meeting with Vice President Wang Huanliang leading the following:

  • Dr. Yu Yongming, Dean of Medical College,
  • Dr. Li Fuhua, Dean of College of International Business,
  • Dr. Ma Bo, Dean of College of Tourism,
  • Dr. Dai Gengxin, Dean of QU Graduate School,
  • Dr. Bian Jianhua, Dean of College of Foreign Languages,
  • Dr. Qi Huimin, Associate Dean of College of Music,
  • Dr. Shi Guanxin, Dean of College of Chinese as a Second Language,
  • Dr. Yuan Mingting, Director of QU Research Office, and
  • Zhou Xiaoli, Assistant President and Director of QU International Programs.

Dr. Holbrook expressed the USF interest in a comprehensive partnership with QU, and the response was extremely positive. The colleges that are particularly interested in student/faculty exchange and joint research include tourism (hospitality), international business, music and the arts, and medicine.

Both sides agreed to strengthen a comprehensive partnership using the Confucius Institute as a platform. This fits well with the CI goal of integration into the hosting university and community.

Recently, Dr. James Moy (Dean of the USF College of the Arts) visited his counterparts at QU and reached mutual understanding for future collaborations. The CI facilitated the visit with help from QU.

Dr. Holbrook presented at the Global CI Conference in Beijing on December 17 and commented on the Hanban initiative of the Confucius China Study Plan.