Third Annual K-12 Chinese Language Conference for Florida Schools Completed
February 25, 2013

On February 23 (Saturday), USF Confucius Institute hosted the third annual conference on K-12 Chinese for Florida schools, with almost eighty teachers of Chinese and school administrators coming from across Florida and beyond. The conference was organized with CLASS (Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools).

Welcome remarks were delivered by Dr. Roger Brindley (Associate Vice President of the USF World) and Chane Eplin (Chief of Bureau of Student Achievement through Language Acquisition, Florida Department of Education); followed by updates from Kun Shi (Director of USF Confucius Institute) and Yu-Lan Lin (Executive Director of CLASS).

This year’s theme is “resources to Support Chinese language learners and teachers.” Informative keynote presentations were delivered by Dr. Yu-Lan Lin of CLASS (How to Maximize Standards-based Instruction with 21st Century Skills), Dr. Eric Shepherd of USF (It’s the Teacher, Stupid! Chinese Language Learning Resources from the Learner Perspective), Dr. Xizhen Qin of USF (Teaching Chinese Culture from the First Chinese Class), and Lisa Healy of the College Board (National Perspectives and Resources on Chinese Language Education and AP Updates). Click the pdf links below for available presentation slides and the conference program.

During the afternoon break-out sessions, the teacher participants attended the session with panelists Baocai Jia, Carol Chen-Lin, and Dali Tan, with Yu-Lan Lin as moderator (all CLASS Board members). School administrators attended the session with panelists Lisa Healy, Phil Smith, Chane Eplin, Xin Dong, Weidong Liu, and Xiaotian Tang, moderated by Kun Shi.

Co-sponsors of the conference include USF Confucius Institute, CLASS, USF World, MDC Confucius Institute, USF Department of World Languages, USF College of Education, Florida Department of Education, Chinese Language Teachers Association – FL, and Florida Chinese Teachers Association. Evaluation results indicate an overall satisfaction with the speakers and format of the conference.

One day before the conference, USF invited a number of organizations to discuss ways to enhance collaborations to improve and expand K-12 Chinese programs in Florida schools. Participants for the meeting included Chane Eplin of FLDOE, Dr. Roger Brindley of USF World, Dr. Phil Smith of USF College of Education, Janet Kucerik of the Pinellas County Schools, Ellen Harvey of Charlotte County Schools, Kun Shi of USF-CI, and Lihua Li representing the Florida Chinese Teachers Association.

Track A - CLASS group

Track B- Lisa from College Board

USF and CLASS collaborators

Chane Eplin from FLDOE