Graduate Study Opportunities in the UK
April 16, 2013

Christopher Payne, Head of the USA Office for King’s College London, will speak to students about graduate studies in the UK. In addition to graduate programs, he will discuss summer and semester study abroad programs available to graduate students. This event is sponsored by the Office of National Scholarships and will be held from 1:00 – 2:00 PM in ALN 216. Sign up for the session at

King’s College London is one of the top 30 universities in the world, one of the top seven universities in the United Kingdom and the fourth oldest university in England. With more than half of the academic staff working in departments ranked within the top ten per cent in the United Kingdom, and nearly 10,000 graduate students, King’s College is a research-led university.

King’s College is centrally located in the heart of London. Students will have the opportunity to mingle with other students, staff and community members from over 140 countries. Multiple scholarships are available, click on the links below for more information. 

Available ScholarshipsDepartment of Social Science, Health and Medicine
-Award amount: 2,000 GBP
-One Award per programme (Medicine, Science and Society MSc, Bioethics and Society MA, Global Health and Social Justice)
-Two Awards per programme (Gerontology MSc, Ageing and Society MA/MSc, Public Policy and Ageing MA)

Department of Philosophy
-Award is in the form of a stipend
-Total amount available is 10,000 GBP (although a single award is possible, where there are a number of deserving candidates, the award is split)

Department of Philosophy
-Award is in a form of a stipend
-Total amount available if 2,000 GBP in each year

Department of Theology and Religious Studies
-Two scholarships available of 4,500 GBP awarded annually

There are also a number of other postgraduate funding opportunities available to US students, which are not tied to specific subjects. Details can be found at: