2013 Chinese Bridge Competition Comes to a Close
April 26, 2013

The annual Florida Chinese Bridge Competition was organized by the USF Confucius Institute on March 22. The event allows Florida college and high school students to compete in Chinese language and culture proficiency and preform a talent whereby the winners move on to the next round to compete and ultimately travel to China. Winners for the high school group were Jenny Wheeler (1st place, American Heritage School), Zachary Raad (2nd place, Pine Vie School), and Mikaela Arnold (3rd place, Middleton High School). Winners for the college group were George Tedder (1st place, UF), Elizabeth Birmingham (2nd place, USF) and Erika Troconis (3rd place, USF).

After winning the local competition Jenny and George competed on April 21st, the 2013 regional competition at Chinese Consulate General in Houston. Jenny Wheeler won second place out of 14 competing high school students, and George Tedder won third place out of 17 competing college students. Jenny’s second place victory qualifies her to participate as an observer in the international Chinese Bridge Competition for high school students in China later this year.

Jenny Wheeler is a junior from the American Heritage School in Ft. Lauderdale and George Tedder is a sophomore majoring in math at the University of Florida. Jenny has never been to China and the judges were impressed by her performance. George spent about two months in Mainland China and Taiwan. His high level of Chinese proficiency and calligraphy were impressive. Chinese language programs are gaining in popularity with more students dedicated to learning Chinese, some have even lived in China for extended period of time; making these competitions more competitive.

A report in Chinese about the regional Chinese Bridge Competition is available at http://houston.china-consulate.org/chn/jy/t1034643.htm.

Jenny Wheeler - 2nd place winner for high school students at Houston CBC

George Tedder - 3rd place winner for college students at Houston CBC

Student group with Consul General Xu at Houston CBC - April 21, 2013

George and Jenny with USF-CI director at Houston CBC

CBC high school group at USF - March 22, 2013

CBC College group at USF - March 22, 2013