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Nankai Faculty Honored on Teachers’ Day
September 10, 2010

On September 10, the USF-CI celebrated Teachers’ Day in honor of the Nankai faculty (Professors Zhaoying Han, Xiaomei Zu and Liqiang Zang) and USF Chinese language faculty (Drs. Eric Shepherd, Xizhen Qin and Yunjuan He). Students and staff of the USF International Affairs Center presented the teachers with signed greeting cards. The Associate Vice President of the Provost’s Office, Dr. Linda Whiteford, was also present to offer greetings to the teachers.
September 10 is National Teachers’ Day in China, and it originates from the birthday of Confucius – philosopher and master educator.

Left to Right: Kun Shi, Xiaomei Zu, Zhaoying Han, Linda Whiteford, Liqiang Zang, Xizhen Qing, Carol Kim, and Jianghua Zou

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