The Sky is the Limit
May 8, 2013

From Jamshedpur, India to Tampa, Florida, USF Master’s student Debolina Ghosh sees no limits on her education or career. Debolina decided to attend the University of South Florida because of the many cultures represented on campus. She also liked the proximity of USF to theme parks and the beach.

Currently, Debolina works as a Graduate Assistant in the Center for India Studies and recently graduated with a Masters in Social Work. In the fall (2013), she will start a Doctoral program in Counselor Education with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Florida where she was awarded the Robert O. Stripling Scholarship and the Grinter Fellowship. Her education costs will be completely covered through both funding sources.

Debolina has thoroughly enjoyed her time at USF, she felt right at home with the USF World and the Social Work department. “They are so helpful and open. I can speak to them about anything. Faculty and staff were very supportive when it came to my studies and educational commitments.” says Debolina. 

Debolina’s most memorable moment was the International Sash Ceremony. She loved seeing all of the other international students receive their sash. She also admired the many colors displayed by each country’s flag. Receiving her sash reminded her of her home in India. She felt appreciated by the International Services’ staff because the International Sash Ceremony was very personal to her.

During her stay at USF, Debolina has been inspired by her husband and parents. They provide her with encouragement and support to continue pursuing her dreams and although her parents live in India, she speaks to them on a daily basis. After completing a PhD in Counselor Education, Debolina plans to stay in the United States and work in a hospital setting as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor or as a professor in a University. In her spare time, she likes to paint, socialize with friends and travel. She also enjoys cooking and tasting exotic dishes. Her favorite dishes come from Ethiopia. She also enjoys taking frequent trips to the beach.