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University of Malaga Visits USF
June 17, 2013

On May 10, 2013, delegates from the University of Malaga, Spain visited USF to present a plaque in honor of famed Spanish writer, María Zambrano. USF currently has a collaboration agreement with the University of Malaga and hopes to build on this foundation.

The plaque honors the memory of María Zambrano, a famous Spanish writer and philosopher. She was a part of the Generation 36 movement, a group of Spanish writers, artists and poets who were influential during the Spanish Civil War. Currently, her writings are considered the best in Spanish thought.  Zambrano was awarded the prestigious Prince of Asturias Award and an honorary Doctoral Degree from the University of Malaga for her contribution to the fields of Communications and Humanities.

Dr. Madeline Camara, Professor of Latin American Literature, USF World Languages holds the commemorative plaque.

“’AULA María Zambrano: The Transatlantic House at USF’ could follow the model of  the Casa Hispánica at Columbia University, whose roots go back to the 30’s when several institutions created a special niche for the Spanish intellectuals in exile from Francoism. Federico de Onís and Juan Ramón Jiménez had locations named after them, but María Zambrano did not. Because of her open commitment to the Republican cause during the Spain Civil War (1936-1939) she was considered a communist and never welcome in the United States. Naming a classroom after her is an act of ‘restitution’, as well as historical and poetic justice. María Zambrano‘s journey to America could begin here at USF” says Dr. Madeline Camara, Professor of Latin American Literature, USF World Languages.

Dr. Camara has been instrumental in building a relationship with the University of Malaga and has hosted several events on campus in honor of María Zambrano.

The plaque serves as a symbol of future collaborations between the University of South Florida and the University of Malaga. Administrators plan to develop academic projects that incorporate faculty and student exchanges, conferences, lectures and cultural events to enhance the link between Malaga and Tampa. The plaque will be on display in the Department of World Languages in Cooper Hall.