Qingdao University delegation visited USF in mid June
July 8, 2013

QU - USF group at CAMLS

The Qingdao University delegation had a successful visit to USF on June 18-19. It was headed by Ms. Xiaoli Zhou, Assistant President for international programs, with Dr. Yongming Yu (Dean of Medical College) and Dr. Hong Jiang (Academic Director of Medical College). The delegation came to USF after attending a biotechnology conference in Maryland.

Ms. Zhou had productive meetings with Dr. Roger Brindley of the USF World, Dean Moy of the College of the Arts, and Kun Shi of the Confucius Institute. She also had a meeting with Melissa Morgado, World Language Supervisor of the Hillsborough County Public Schools, to discuss a partnership for the Confucius Classroom recently approved for the school district through the CI. Ms. Zhou also met with the two teachers from Qingdao University (Zhenying Wang and Wei Wei) who are currently CI staff assisting the Department of World Language in teaching Chinese.

Drs. Yu and Jiang had special interests in microbiology and neuroscience, and they were pleased with visits to the Florida Center for Drug Discovery & Innovation (CDDI) headed by Dr. Bill Baker and the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute guided by Dr. Chuanhai Cao. They and Dr. Baker expressed interest in possible collaborations.

Finally, the delegation and CI staff visited the USF Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) in downtown Tampa. Everyone was impressed by the state-of-the-art facility of CAMLS.

Qingdao University is the CI partner of USF. Since its Vice President Wang Huanliang visited USF last July (more at http://global.usf.edu/wordpress/?p=2771&cat=31) and Dr. Holbrook visited Qingdao U last December (more at http://global.usf.edu/wordpress/?p=3356&cat=31), both sides have been exploring areas of collaboration in addition to Chinese language and culture learning opportunities for USF students. The CI is pleased to work with Ms. Zhou and her office to enhance our partnership and facilitate other collaborations between the two universities.

Ms. Zhou and Wei with Dr. Brindley and Kun Shi

QU visitors with Dr. Baker 6-19

QU visitors with Dr. Cao 6-18