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2013 International Photo Competition Winners
November 7, 2013

USF World annually hosts the International Photo Competition which gives USF students, professors, staff and alumni an opportunity to share their international experiences.

Grand Prize Photo by Lauren Richardson

Submissions come from destinations around the globe; this year’s grand prize photo was taken by USF student Lauren Richardson who was in Tanzania learning Swahili on a Boren Scholarship. Lauren’s passion is evident, “My year spent in Tanzania was the highlight of my undergraduate experience. I learned and grew in more ways than I could have ever expected and made valuable friendships and connections that I will maintain for the rest of my life. Last year was the adventure of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to find a way back to East Africa after I graduate in the spring.”

Landscape category winner, Alex Nguyen was in Belize conducting a field study of tropical rain forests where he shot a winning photo, “It was just you and Mother Nature. No a/c, no hot water, extremely limited internet and phone service. I felt relieved from the hectic and fast paced life I was used to living. No texts or missed calls to return. This is how vacationing should be.”

The 2013 competition categories included: Landscape, Portrait, Study Abroad Photograph, USF Favorite, and Grand prize. Thirteen winners were chosen from over 400 entries, making this no easy task for judges.

Winning photos are framed and displayed throughout the campus and the winners will be recognized at a reception on Tuesday, November 13th.

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