The Innovative CI Performance Group Achieving Quick Success
December 5, 2013

The CI Performance Group was formed during the summer with support from the Hanban. The purpose is to introduce the Chinese performing arts to the communities beyond USF campus, including K-12 schools and remote areas. This project proves to be an efficient and effective way for CI outreach and cultural exchanges.

In the last few months, the CI Performance Group members performed at five events: the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration on September 19 (for an audience of about 600), the Conference of “China and India: Past Connections and a Shared Future” on November 1 (over 80 participants), more than 200 upper school students at All Saints Academy on November 11, for the OLLI members and other senior citizens on November 15, and for St. Petersburg College on November 18 (as part of its International Education Week). In such a short period of time, we have reached more than a thousand people from various communities and age groups.

CI Performance Group

The current CI Performance Group members include: Mr. Rui Yang (erhu), Ms. Luo Wu (zheng), Megan Westerman and Mario Salazar (martial art), Lily Riggs (acrobatics), Dr. Chuanmin Hu (dizi/flute), and Lucy Lu (opera). The group is coordinated by the CI Director Kun Shi, assisted by CI staff Victor Florez and Carol Kim. More performances are being planned for 2014.

For a program of the most recent performance at St. Petersburg College, click here.

View a slide show of performance photos.