Education Abroad Offers Programs with a STEM Focus
March 2, 2014

Education Abroad is offering several programs with a STEM focus.  These programs offer students in several disciplines the opportunity to earn upper level credits while exploring another part of the world. Summer opportunities include:

  • Astronomy in Chile: Travel to the astronomy capital of the world and explore the stars like never before.  Learn the ins and outs of how current astronomical research is being conducted all while earning USF credit.
  • Engineering in Costa Rica: In this program students will actively conduct research in local communities and implement solutions to community health issues while immersing themselves in the daily culture by living with a host family. Students will also explore Costa Rican culture through excursions and hands-on research.
  • Geology in Costa Rica: Live in beautiful Costa Rica for four weeks and discover how geology shapes the landscape and society of Costa Rica. This program includes the opportunity to live with a homestay family and take a Spanish language course.
  • Information Systems Management in India: India is one of the world’s leaders in providing information technology services and innovation.  While earning credit for Software Engineering at the Infosys campus, you will be able to explore the intricate and exciting Indian culture through hands on learning and field trips.
  • Chemistry in Italy: Explore Italy while earning USF credit! Science in Florence offers iterations of two science-major courses.  Both are full-immersion courses in which students investigate and experience chemistry, biochemistry, and other scientific topics and methods of everyday life from the perspective of Florence, Italy.
  • Social Science and Physics in Vietnam: In this program you will be paired with a Vietnamese student from Vinh University, and will explore Vietnamese culture and energy resources in the world.  While earning credit in for a variety of special topics for both graduate and undergraduate courses you will also explore Vietnamese culture with a Vietnamese host student as a guide.