Haiqiong Deng after performance at Museum Nights on Jan. 9
2014 Spring Witnessed Numerous Celebrated CI Events
April 3, 2014

Spring season is always full of events related to the Chinese New Year, but this year, we had more events for the USF community and K-12 schools. The artists of our CI Performance Group and our staff/collaborators have made a positive impact on thousands of people.

Haiqiong Deng after performance at Museum Nights on Jan. 9

Through our partnership with the UF Harn Museum, the Museum Nights event on January 9 attracted more than 500 students and community members to experience Chinese music, dance, calligraphy and painting, and other performances. The local Chinese school also did a puppet show about the origin of the Chinese New Year. Visitors had a taste of food and tour of the Asian art collections at the Harn Museum.

We continued our collaboration with the Tampa Bay Chinese American communities to support their Chinese New Year events (CAAT event on January 18 at Blake High School and SACA event on February 1 at Lago Central Park). There were about three thousand visitors at both events, which included a wide variety of cultural performances and food.

Our own Chinese New Year celebration was held on January 30 at the MSC Oval Theater, in partnership with the Chinese Students & Scholars Association, Chinese Culture & Language Club and INTO USF. In addition to the lion dance and a yoyo show, the featuring artists were professional musicians from Orlando: Mr. YANG Rui (erhu) and Ms. WU Luo (guzheng). The program of the event is available here. This concert style celebration attracted more than 400 students/faculty and community members.

During this season, we collaborated with several K-12 schools for performances by our CI Performance Group members and students. About 1200 participants in total attended the following events.
• “China Day” at Franklin Middle School on January 24, co-sponsored with the Hillsborough County Public Schools.
• Chinese New Year celebration at Thurgood Marshal Middle School on February 5, which attracted about two hundred students and parents.
• Performance event at Clearwater High School on February 7, with featuring artists from the Mt. Song Martial Arts Academy.
• Performance event at Pine View School on February 11, featuring three musicians (YANG Rui, WU Luo and HU Chuan) and K-12 students.
• CI Lecture and Recital of Chinese Music by Prof. Haiqiong Deng on February 13 (co-sponsored with the USF School of Music).
• Performance event at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School in Bradenton on February 21 (with more than 100 Lower School students and teachers).
• Performance at the International Day by the Pinellas County Schools at Meadowlawn Middle School on March 1 (with about 500 participants).

Prof. Nan Liu's art demo at the Museum Nights on Jan. 9

CI musicians at SACA event on Feb. 1

Interactive fan waving at USF Chinese New Year event on Jan. 30

CI musicians YANG Rui and WU Luo, Jan. 30

After performance at Franklin Middle School, Jan. 24

Lion dance at Thurgood Marshal Middle School, Feb. 5

Performance in Chinese by Pine View School students, Feb. 11

Lecture and Recital of Chinese Music by Prof. Haiqiong Deng on Feb. 13